We launched our 2018 Season Tickets at midday on Monday and have received a positive response to our decision to freeze prices with some equally positive early sales.
However, we have had the decision to remove the West Stand Value category in 2018 questioned by a handful of our supporters.
We understand that this now does mean there isn’t a price freeze for these particular fans however this is simply because the category has been removed. The West Stand is still the same price as it was throughout 2017 and we feel the West Stand offers one of the best views in the Super League today.
It is important to remember that the West Stand Value category was always an experiment which after much deliberation the Club has decided not to move forward with.
The Club saw no significant uptake in new supporters in the West Stand Value but rather supporters downgrading from regular West Stand and South Stand tickets from the 2016 season.
In addition, we’ve received feedback from the Stadium and fans in other areas of the Stadium that West Stand Value Season Ticket holders have often sat in the West Stand or even stood in the South Stand which, unfortunately, means this ticket category is no longer viable.
We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused for 2017 West Stand Value Season Ticket holders and the rise in price they now face. We would encourage fans to go down the Direct Debit route which makes payments more manageable and spread out over a nine-month period.
But, we do feel that our 2018 Season Ticket prices offer fantastic value for money after freezing our prices, continuing our Family Ticket and introducing the Junior Devil Ticket which sees all under 11’s go FREE. We hope that you will still join us for the 2018 season.
To freeze our Season Ticket prices in 2018 on the back of a Challenge Cup semi-final and a 4th place regular season finish, we believe, shows how much the fans mean to us as a Club and only emphasise our ambition to move this Club forward as one.