David Clegg Meets With Head Coach, Garreth Carvell, To Discuss Thursday’s Home Match Against Wigan
After three consecutive home fixtures, the U19s were back on their travels last weekend, when they visited Wakefield, and, as previously reported, came away with a hard fought victory, which will have done much to bolster morale within the squad, particularly following their response to Wakefield’s drawing level in the closing stages.
Certainly the significance of the team winning again is readily acknowledged by Head Coach, Garreth Carvell.
“Getting this win was most important to us,” he confides, “because in recent games we have been on the receiving end of scores which didn’t reflect the game, or our performance in it, so to win against Super League opposition has helped restore the players’ confidence.  They have seen for themselves how staying in the arm wrestle, for the full eighty minutes, does work.”
Looking back on the way the game unfolded, it could be claimed that they had had to win it twice, with the Wildcats looking poised to steal it, towards the end.
“The introduction of a couple of fresh players helped a lot, which is what you want from the bench” Garreth explains.  “They really freshened things up when they came on.”
It undoubtedly was a remarkable try which ultimately determined the outcome of the game, and Garreth was vociferous in his praise for Jack Cottington who succeeded in grounding the ball when there looked absolutely no chance of his getting near the line, let alone scoring.
“I have very high hopes for Jack,” he claims.  “He, along with another youngster, Tom Millington, just need to adjust to a couple of things we are requiring, and they will both have all the attributes to progress, and have good professional careers.”
All the lessons the players have learned, and the benefits they have acquired, from the win, will be needed in abundance, this coming Thursday, as they all prepare to do battle with mighty Wigan.
“We just have to take care of things that we do,” professes Garreth.  “Overall, defensively, we have been pretty good, but there have been odd lapses, here and there, which have let us down.  Quite often we are punished for errors with tries in the following set, so we really do have to become tough enough to withstand the intense pressure, which follows any error.   It’s only a small percentage of the team to which this applies, however.
”The quality within the Wigan side will easily find out any weaknesses around ourselves, because they always get the pick of the available talent.  They have a lot of clubs around their area, and they can easily pick up players from around there.”
Of Thursday night’s contest he says, “It will be a tough test for the boys, but they are all looking forward to it.  It will be a good way of gauging ourselves to see just where we are at.
“We have a few injuries, at the moment, but that’s rugby league.  Fortunately, we have a couple coming back, so that will be of help.  All I ask for is a good performance from everyone.  If they all give me that I shall be happy.”