We are aware of instances where emails sent by the club are not being received or are incorrectly filtered into spam or trash folders.

Spam filters may occasionally put a legitimate email into your spam folder. If you seem to be missing emails, or haven’t got an email you were expecting, check the Spam folder first.

To make sure that emails you wish to receive are never put into your Spam, you can add the club emails as a “Safe Sender”.

A reminder of the addresses frequently used by the club to distribute information:

Please see the following instructions on how to add the above email addresses as a ‘Safe Sender’, for various providers.

BT Internet

If you remove an email address from your list of safe senders you might want to think about adding it to your list of blocked senders. Click here for further information on BT Internet.


Click here for further information on Outlook.


Changes for Gmail may take up to 24 hours to take effect.

Additional Providers

Click here for further information if your email provider was not covered in the above.

If you know someone who has not received any email from us since joining, then please ask them to follow the above troubleshooting.

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