In recent days we have seen great passion displayed by our supporters. This passion reflects the ambition of the Salford Red Devils to realise our potential as a club.
In light of this ambition the club, over the past few months, has been preparing to undertake the largest research project in our 144 year history.
As part of this process, we will be engaging and working with everyone involved in the club. This importantly includes you, our fans.
To help realise the opportunity ahead of us, former Salford star Robbie Hunter-Paul, who has been brought into the club to consult and drive this project ahead, commented;
“The club has great ambition for the future which we’re delighted is being realised on the field. Our focus now is to compliment that success off the field. To achieve this, we are entering a phase of engagement and understanding with you the supporters. Your passion is something we want to keep at the heart of this process.
“Marwan brought me into the club to identify key aspects of our heritage and uncover what makes the club unique. This can then be used to realise the potential of our future.
“We are wasting no time and the research will be conducted in a number of ways, including face-to-face interviews, focus groups, and a mass digital survey which will be published on Monday night.
“This is just the start of the journey in which your honest feedback will play an integral part of our growth.”  
The Club would like to thank you in advance for your contributions and encourage you to check the club Website Monday to access the survey