Richard Morton, a 41 year old Salford Red Devils fan has successfully secured a place in the Virgin London Marathon on 24th April and is raising funds for and awareness of the SPF.  Mortgage Consultant  Richard lives  in Flixton, Manchester and is married with two young boys.
“As a dedicated Salford fan of over 30 years I watched Steve play on many occasions (though was unfortunately too young to have seen his dad play for my team). Like Steve I passionately love everything about Rugby League and I too have two young boys. My wife has benefited from the wonderful care that Christie’s provides for thousands of people every year.
In 2013 I took up running as a means to get fit, with my forties rapidly approaching. The following year I took on the challenge of a half marathon and raised over £600 for the Steve Prescott Foundation.
Reading about Steve’s brave battle against his illness and his untimely death in ‘One In A Million’ inspired me to rise to my own personal challenge, running last year’s Manchester Marathon, my first. This year I will run the London Marathon for his Foundation in the hope that I can do my little bit to raise awareness and funds for the fantastic work that it does.”
Sincere thanks to Richard for choosing the SPF as his nominated charity. Its great to have you on board in the SPF Million Pound Year. Its fantastic to know the Precky continues to inspire people to challenge themselves and do amazing things.  Donations can be made at