Salford Red Devils today proudly donated, via the Lucky Devils Lotto, £2000 to Salford Heart Care who do fantastic work in our local community.
The Red Devils donate a percentage of everything paid in by Salford Heart Care back to the charity and this year it has totalled up to a whopping figure which will make a massive difference to the them.
Serena Rice, of Salford Heart Care, said: “This donation will help keep all the branches going.  At the minute, we’re struggling with the Little Hulton branch especially for funding so it’ll probably go towards keeping that going as well as supporting our admin expenditure as well.
“Without this we’d have to cut back and that means some of the groups would still run but we wouldn’t be able to have extra activities such as relaxation therapies so it helps us pay for those little extra things.
“We are very grateful to the Salford Red Devils for their valued support.”
Serena alongside the rest of the team at Salford Heart Care put on a range of fantastic activities for people who have come out of hospital following heart failures or issues.
“We hold heart clubs across Salford so we hold one at Eccles, Irlam and one in Little Hulton and it’s just to help people who’ve had a heart attack or issues stay fit and healthy.
“It’s the aftercare after they’ve come out of hospital from their heart attack and it just shows them you can carry on exercising and socialising. It’s a good way for older people to get out into the community because isolation in social life is a big problem as you get older.
“We do day trips or you can come here and have a chat and you also learn just generally how to live a healthier active life. We do some gentle fun exercise like dancing and we do relaxation sessions so it’s all just general health and wellbeing and support.
“We’ll do line dancing, some of our clients will have healing therapy and then we’ll have a game of bingo or a raffle in the breaks. We’ve also got little stalls selling books and games and other little things to raise money for the charity.”
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