Salford forward Olsi Krasniqi is gutted that the Red Devils seem to have lost the chance to make the top four and knows the team need to pick themselves up quickly.
“It was a really disappointing performance, we got dominated by Wakefield and it’s going to be extremely difficult for us to get a top four place now.
“We didn’t really stick to the game plan and the attitude from the boys wasn’t right and I think that was evident and cost us in the second half, especially.
“The top four is still in view but we’ve given away a very very good chance there.
“It’s still there in sight but we’ve got some good teams that we need to beat now and the way we’re playing at the minute it’s going to be very difficult to overcome the likes of Huddersfield, Leeds and St Helens.
“We can’t dress this up at the moment – we just aren’t playing well and it needs to change very soon.
“But, if we can pick ourselves up and win our three games and win well you never know there’s an outside chance we might make the top four.
“Obviously, the most important thing is just to put in the performances now and show up and entertain the fans a little and take that into the 2018 season.