Salford Red Devils Assistant Coach Martin Gleeson, speaking to Rugby AM, feels his testimonial Lancashire vs Yorkshire match is going to be a ‘special night’.
Gleeson said: “Lancashire vs Yorkshire, I was lucky enough to play back in 2002 which Lancashire won, by the way.
“It’s going to be a special night everyone is doing work behind the scenes getting ready for this game it’s not going to be a game of touch and pass put it that way.
“There’s some big names lining up for both teams with bags of international experience and bags of Super League winner rings, Lance Todd’s – you name it.
“The teams are going to be littered with stars from the past who you probably won’t get to see again. It’s going to be a great occasion.
“We’ve got Sam Tomkins who is going to be coaching the Lancashire team he’s going to put us through a few drills and head that side of things up for us.”
Both sides have been calling each other out on social media with Lancashire’s Paul Wood and Yorkshire’s Wayne Godwin at the centre of the sledging.
Gleeson said: “There’s a lot of banter going around on social media namely from Wagga [Wayne Godwin] who I think out of all the accolades that people have won who are going to be playing that night I don’t think Wagga’s won anything – not one trophy.
“I think this match gives him his opportunity to win his first trophy I think so I think the pressure will get to him when he gets out there and he realises what’s at stake.
“We’ve got Mozza [Adrian Morley] and Barrie Mac [Barrie McDermott] who’ve been watching those videos and the calling out that Wagga’s been doing they’ll probably keep quiet on social media and leave it until the Wednesday night on the 30th.”