After a very tough week for our area everybody is looking forward to an exciting game of rugby league at the AJ Bell on Friday evening.
Fans arriving must visit the West Stand or South Stand Ticket Offices and collect a ticket and there they will find donation buckets where they may place a donation that will go directly to the British Red Cross’ official appeal fund for the victims of the Manchester bombing.
Limited parking is available at the Stadium and City Airport (opposite) priced at £5.
Entertainment and refreshments are available outside the Stadium in the Fan’s bar and Fan’s Marquee area.
We would request everybody arrives as early as possible as the ticket offices and turnstiles are expected to be busy
While the security situation in the UK remains at its current level, certain procedures will be in place around entry to the Stadium.
These procedures are purely there to help ensure the safety around the event.
Fans are asked to leave all bags at home where possible. Any bags of backpack size will not be allowed into the venue.
We are also asking supporters to arrive as early as possible to the turnstile areas. Full searches will be operation at turnstiles so please be prepared for a small delay on entry. Please note, late arrival cannot guarantee entry in time for kick off.
Once again these measures are in place for safety reasons only and similar procedures will be in operation at sporting venues around the country.
If you spot any unusual activity or anything you feel uncomfortable with that seems out of the ordinary, please report it immediately to the nearest steward.
Please take care not to leave any of your possessions unattended at any time.
And finally, the most important thing is to come and enjoy the occasion and show our unwavering support after the most difficult of weeks.
Thank you.