Red Devils head coach Ian Watson believes tonight’s game against Wigan is a huge one for both sides challenge for a place in the top four.
Watson said: “Well Wigan will have already spoken about how they need to win this game for a chance at the top four.
“We need to win this game as well to have a chance at the top four so it’s going to be a big game it’s like a cup semi-final again.
“They’ll have their mind on the cup final as well and their performance the week before so they go into the cup final confident but we just need to go there and impose our own problems on them.
“To still be in the top four race after our recent run shows good we were earlier in the season but we’ve got to get that consistency back in us this weekend.
“It’s been a bit of a blip every team has one at some point and it’s up to us to turn that upside down now.
“I think the difficult thing is when you’re losing people try harder and they try and make up for the mistakes and they end up trying things on their own rather than sticking to the game plan.
“We’ve had a few of those moments in recent weeks and when you’re playing the best teams in the league if you’ve got missed opportunities that’s when they cost you.
“You’ve got to stay strong in these periods. When you’re winning everyone’s accountable but when you’re losing nobody wants to be accountable but the thing is with our group everybody is standing up and saying we will fix it.
“That’s our focus going into the Wigan game – we’ve had the right mentality and have been doing a lot of things right we just need to cut those lapses in concentration.”