Ahead of the next two games at the The Salford Stadium CEO Ian Blease has released the following rally cry to supporters.
“This of one of the biggest weeks in twenty years for Salford Red Devils, probably since I played in fact.
“I don’t want to sound like I am consistently repeating myself to existing fans who consistently turn up week in week out,  but in all honesty we just need more people in the Stadium to see this week’s top of table clash and next Thursday’s Quarter-Final.
Advanced ticket sales for Friday have again been worryingly slow for a game with both teams flying at the moment – the players deserve a level of support that matches what they have achieved so far this year.
“We sit second on the Super League table with televised games against fifth place Hull and fourth placed Wakefield Trinity in the space of a few days – we are nicely poised for potentially our most historic season in decades and our numbers remain consistently lower than they should be by a large margin.
“It’s the general opinion that even with the phenomenal season we have had so far, we have managed to go under the radar while the media focus on Castleford’s great form at the top.
“It also seems to be the case that we have gone under the radar among the people of Salford who we would love to flock to the The Salford Stadium to see this team play the kind of rugby league most fans dream of seeing.
“We are confident that if we can get them to the Stadium to see how exciting things are this season they will be hooked and be back in time to see if we can kick on and actually challenge for a trophy this season.”
“After losing for the first time in eight games against Trinity last week, everybody at the Club knows how important it is for the fans to really get behind the lads to get them back on track.
“The atmosphere at times has been unreal. The South Stand is now getting a feel of the old Shed, the West Stand meanwhile has been great, led by our mascot, the now legendary Dr. Devil and the noise coming out of the stands has really picked the team up at times and we thank everyone who turns out week after a week for their unwavering support.
“But it is the stayaways, family members and lapsed fans that we need through the gates. We have to get the numbers up. The product on the field is good, we have experimented numerous times with price and marketing strategies, but as yet off-field efforts have not been rewarded with anything like the numbers we need to be viable.”
“I implore existing and new fans to get down to the The Salford Stadium and support the best Red Devils team in 40 years.”
Salford Red Devils will take on Hull FC this Friday (9 June 8PM) and Wakefield Trinity in the Challenge Cup Quarter Final (15 June 8pm)
Tickets for both games are available HERE