The Challenge Cup semi-final against Wigan this weekend is going to be a special occasion for all Red Devil supporters but maybe none more so than Mark Hesling and his father David who will be attending their first Salford game after David moved away from the area when he was young.
David relocated to Hunstanton when he was 12-years-old and a busy schedule has prevented him from getting back to watch the Red Devils however the semi-final was the perfect opportunity to end his 64-year wait.
Mark, David’s son, said: “Unfortunately for my Dad he moved away when he was only young and he couldn’t get up to Salford to watch a game due to the travelling.
“I have a lot of work on at weekends while my Dad works throughout the week, so our time to come and watch a game has been extremely limited, but when I saw we had a free weekend it was an easy decision.
“We’ve been listening to the games on the radio this season and when we watched the ‘Million Pound Game’ last season I’ve never seen him display emotions like he did that day.
“For him to finally see a game in person will be fantastic.”
Despite the Red Devils poor run of form in recent weeks both David and Mark believe that Ian Watson’s men will turn it around this weekend and book their place at Wembley in August.
“We’re both hoping they can play better than they have during the last few Super League fixtures.
“Possibly they’ve relaxed a little in the past few weeks knowing they were already in the top eight and maybe they’ve had one eye on Sunday’s semi-final but we’re both sure that they’ll come away with the win this weekend.”
Mark and David will certainly be hoping that the Red Devils can overcome Wigan but are set for a memorable day no matter what beginning with the ‘Semi-Final Send-Off’ breakfast prior to the semi-final.
“We’re setting of at around 7am in the morning to get to Salford for the breakfast send-off and see the players off to the Halliwell Jones Stadium.
“Then we’re going to drive to the game which will end up being about a 5-hour round trip so hopefully they win the game.”
If Salford are to reach the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup semi-final for the first time since 1969 Mark has confirmed that David and himself will try everything to get tickets for the game.
“We’ve had a quick look at the date for the Challenge Cup final and I don’t think we’ve got anything planned so I’ll definitely be trying to get myself and my Dad to Wembley if we win on Sunday.”
Any Red Devils fans still looking to join Mark and David at the ‘Semi-Final Send-Off’ breakfast can still buy tickets here.