In sport you work hard for months but it often comes down to one or two moments – the difference between what is viewed as success of failure.
For Salford Red Devils these moments are upon us. By no stretch of the imagination could you say the Red Devils have had an average season – we have far surpassed what pretty much every pundit and expert in the game predicted before the season kicked off – yet now, within the next two weeks we will know whether it has been a great season or an amazing one, packed with memories that will last a lifetime.
You must go back 40 years to Salford’s last championship win – to a time when Concorde had its first flight, Steve Jobs founded Apple, NASA unveiled the first Space Shuttle and the UK was in the grip of one of its hottest ever summers (coincidentally it also saw the birth of a kid who was destined to become Head Coach some 40 years later).
A win on Friday night at Leigh Centurions will see Salford finish the regular season in the highest spot since that year. Just over one week later the Red Devils will take on Wigan Warriors as they bid to get to Wembley for the first time since 1969 – nearly a decade earlier still.
Two wins – two moments that will shape the Club’s history.
Two wins – less than three hours of rugby league. The difference between a great season and an amazing one
You are all going to the semi-final, we know that. The atmosphere will be bouncing, we know that, but this Friday against Leigh is every bit as important. For players, coaches and supporters.
The opportunity to leave a mark on the 2017 season by finishing on the top four is a huge achievement. The prospect of an extra home game and a real shot at getting to the Grand Final comes down to more than a few moments – months of graft has us here.
On Friday night we must all be unstoppable. That work will provide a moment to remember and be proud of as we head to the Halliwell Jones with Wembley Way on our minds.
See you at Leigh.