Salford Red Devils today announce that over £200,000 has been raised through the Reds Rise Together campaign.

Over 750 people have pledged in support of the campaign, which will see the club become the first elite Rugby League club in the northern hemisphere to become wholly community owned.

Paul King, Managing Director of Salford Red Devils said: “Reaching £200k is a significant milestone and a strong position to be in at this point in the campaign.

“There’s been incredible positivity since our event on Tuesday evening, going from around £185k to surpassing £200k.

“I mentioned at the event, and I’ve said it before, but I cannot recommend enough that people take a look at the comments from people on the Crowdfunder page who have pledged their support. The passion and love people have for this club is so clear to see.

“To those people who have supported so far, firstly thank you. Secondly, let’s keep going, keep sharing the message and telling those we know about the special club we love.

“To those who are yet to pledge, please consider doing so. Take a read of the business plan, read the prospectus, and think about your own reasons why you might want to become involved.

“We really are making history together.”

What is the campaign?

‘Reds Rise Together’ is a community share offer which allows an individual to purchase a share in the club’s holding company – now a Community Benefit Society (CBS) – entitling them to a vote and eligibility to stand for election to the CBS board. Along with a host of other benefits, the overriding benefit is a collective one, meaning that together, we can take better control over the future of our club and continue to add meaningful value to our communities.

Why are we doing it?

In the first instance, we are doing this to become the northern hemisphere’s first elite rugby league club that is truly community-owned and one that gives every member a voice – making history in the process. There are also further key reasons:

How can you get involved?

It’s simple: buy a share and/or share the message far and wide!

To get involved or for further information, please view, or to contribute directly, visit

Let’s make history. Together. #RedsRiseTogether